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Awards and Nominations

I (Me)


I film first screening was at the 34th Fajr Film Festival (February 2015).

I started its screening out-of-festival on August 17, 2016, with only 14 cinema halls and was extremely well received; So that after 10 days and only in 17 cinemas in Tehran and 10 cinemas in other cities, sales exceeded 600 million Tomans. The film became profitable in the second week of release and finally ended its national release on November 5 of the same year, with a total of three billion Tomans of domestic and foreign box office.


I film has participated in or been screened at festivals on four continents and in several countries.

The film is also available at Amazon website.

  • Fajr Film Festival (Film’s Domestic Festival)  (1–11 February 2016/ Iran) The Best Supporting Actor “Amir Jadidi”, The Best Supporting Actress “Behnoush Bakhtiari”
  • 20th POFF, Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival, 11th – 27th Nov. 2016, Tallinn – Estonia (Forum Section)
  • 6th Iranian Film Festival, 10th – 21st Jan. 2017, Prague – Czech (competition section)
  • 7th London Iranian Film Festival, 28th Oct. – 7th Nov. 2016, London – UK
  • Museum of Fine Arts Houston, 20–22 January 2017, Houston, US
  • Museum of Fine Arts Boston, 26 and 28 January 2017, Boston, US
  • 6th Iranian Film Festival Australia, 20th Oct. – 13th Nov. 2016, Australia
  • Iranian Film Festival Zurich, May 2017, Zurich, Swiss
  • Smithsonian Institution, 11th Feb. 2017, Washington, US
  • Gene Siskel Film Center, 4th and 5th Feb. 2017, Chicago, US
  • Persian Cine Club, May 2017, Geneva, Swiss
  • China National Film Museum, 23 – 29 August 2017, Beijing, China
  • 15th Pune Int’l Film Festival, 12–19 January 2017, Pune – India
  • Guwahati Int’l Film Festival, October 28–2 November 2017, India

Cold sweat


While Cold Sweat was scheduled to be released to the public on October 25, 2018, the Ministry of Culture and Islamic Guidance banned the film and banned ninety-seven cinema halls for the film; as a result, its release began in about 20 cinemas. However, after two weeks of sales, the total domestic revenue of cold sweat became a billion, and after 8 weeks, it crossed the sales limit of three billion tomans.


Cold sweat has been screened in many countries of Asia, Europe, the Americas, and Oceania.


  • Tokyo Int’l Film Festival (25 Oct.-3 Nov.2018/ Japan)
  • Yokohama Football Film Festival (16-17 Feb.2019/Japan)
  • Bengaluru Int’l Film Festival (21-28 Feb,2019/ India)
  • Shanghai Int’l Film Festival (15-24 June 2019/ China)
  • Crime and Punishment Film Festival (22-28 Nov. 2019/ Turkey)


  • Festival Gabes Cinema Fen (12-18 April 2019/ Tunisia)


  • Das Iranische Wien (Feb.2019/ Austria)
  • Quai 10 (8 March 2019/ Belgium)
  • Thinking Football Film Festival (18-22 March 2019/ Spain)
  • Iranian Film Festival in Prague (21-31 March.2019/Czech Republic)
  • Movies that Matter (22-30 March 2019/ The Netherlands)
  • Arab Film Festival (4-12 Oct. 2019/ Germany)
  • Iranische Film Festival Koblenz (Oct. 2019/ Germany)
  • Fussballichtspiele St. Gallen (14-16 Nov.2019/ Switzerland)
  • Protesta Int’l Film Festival (18-26 Oct. 2019/Spain)


  • Sydney Film Festival (5-16 June 2019/ Australia)


  • Palm Spring Film Festival (3-14 Jan.2019/USA)
  • Panama Int’l Film Festival (4-10 April 2019/ Panama)
  • Washington, DC Int’l Film Festival (25 April- 5 May 2019/ USA)
  • Seattle Int’l Film Festival (16 May- 9 June 2019/ USA)
  • Cinelran Festival (16-18 Nov.2018/ Canada)
  • Minneapolis – St Paul Int’l Film Festival (4-20 April 2019/ USA)
  • The Museum of fine Arts, Houston (Oct.2019/ USA)
  • The Museum of Fine Arts, Boston (Nov. 2019/ USA)


The movie’s public screening and festivals has been postponed indefinitely due to COVID-19 restrictions.

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